Search Engine Optimization and Digital Marketing Agency Boulder SEO Marketing Announces Fall 2014 Training Schedule

Superior, Colorado (PRWEB) August 30, 2014

Boulder SEO Marketing, a Colorado-based digital marketing agency offering SEO training and consulting service to companies worldwide, announced today that it has published its fall 2014 training schedule. Additional information and registration for its online marketing classes are available at

Boulder SEO Marketings search engine optimization and online marketing training classes and workshops are designed to help attendees gain an advantage over their competition, allowing them to get more leads from their website, create brand awareness, and ultimately achieve more sales.

Chris Raulf, founder and SEO training expert at Boulder SEO Marketings, notes, Most prospective customers and students I talk to simply struggle with implementing a winning online marketing strategy that will improve keyword rankings and overall organic search traffic from Google and other search engines to their website. He continues: We are very excited to have teamed up with the Boulder Marketing Group, BVSD Lifelong Learning, and Carbon8 to offer a variety of hands-on digital marketing classes and workshops this fall in Boulder and Denver.

The following events have currently been schedule and additional classes and workshops will be added later on this year:

September 25, 2014 from noon – 2:00 pm: Boulder Marketing Group Brown Bag Meeting – Boost Your Websites Visibility and Increase Traffic Without Buying Paid Ads
September 30, 2014 from 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm: Introduction to Google Analytics (hosted by BVSD Lifelong Learning)
October 1, 2014 from 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm: Getting Started with Google Webmaster Tools (hosted by BVSD Lifelong Learning)
October 7 & 14, 2014 from 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm: Search Engine Optimization and Digital Marketing for Small Businesses (hosted by BVSD Lifelong Learning)
October 9, 2014 from 1:00 pm – 4:30 pm: Search Engine Optimization 201 Workshop Power Boost Your Visibility on Google

Targeting business owners and marketing professionals in charge of online marketing efforts, web designers eager to deepen their SEO knowledge, marketing consultants, and anyone wanting to refresh their online marketing, SEO, social media and content marketing knowledge. Participants will learn the strategies and tactics needed in order to practice digital marketing like an SEO agency.

About Boulder SEO Marketing (

Boulder SEO Marketing assists businesses around the globe with all of their search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), social media and content marketing training and consulting needs. Our goal is to empower small and medium sized businesses to be able to plan and execute a scaled, successful, online marketing campaign that will increase a companys visibility in search engine listings, increase organic search traffic to a website and convert site visitors to leads.

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WCET Recognizes Institutions Answering Challenges with Innovative Programs

Boulder, CO (PRWEB) August 26, 2014

Since 2004, the WICHE Cooperative for Educational Technologies (WCET) has been presenting the WCET Outstanding Work (WOW) award to colleges, universities, and organizations who are implementing exceptionally creative, technology-based solutions to contemporary challenges in higher education. The WOW award helps WCET meet its mission of promoting innovative and effective practice by providing exemplary programs as models for the higher education community to adapt for their own students and faculty.

This years WOW award recipients have all implemented solutions in areas shown to have impact on student success ranging from flexible learning options to an online writing lab and an OER-based associate degree.

11 Analytics Trends Leading the Data-Driven Revolution in Business

SEATTLE, WA (PRWEB) May 08, 2015

A variety of factors are driving increased adoption and visibility for analytics. Organizations are recognizing the valuable insights that analytics can provide to help them compete. TDWI, the premier source for in-depth education and research on all things data, has identified several interconnected trends in analytics that are relevant for companies advancing their analytics efforts.

Here are 11 trends to watch:

1. Ease of use. Analytics in the past, especially more advanced analytics, often required command-line code. Today, vendors have made interfaces easier to use and visualizations easier to construct. Better ease of use means organizations can succeed early and then build on that success to become more data driven.

2. The democratization and consumerization of analytics. More organizations are democratizing business intelligence (BI) and analytics to enable a broad range of non-IT users, from executive level to frontline personnel, to do more on their own with data access and analysis via self-service BI and visual data discovery.

3. Business analysts using more advanced techniques. Also connected to ease of use is the move from the statistician/modeler to a new user of predictive analyticsthe business analyst. This frees the data scientist/statistician (typically a scarce resource) to build more complex and sophisticated models.

4. Newer kinds of analytics. In addition to predictive models, other kinds of analytics are emerging to drive business value. These include text analytics (analyzing unstructured text), social media analytics, geospatial analytics (analyzing location-related data), and clickstream analysis (analyzing customer behavior on websites). All of these techniques are starting to become mainstream and can provide important insight, either by themselves or in combination with other techniques. Others, such as the Internet of Things (IoT) analytics, are starting to gain steam.

5. Operationalizing analytics. When you operationalize something, you make it part of a business process. Operationalizing analytics is important because it makes analytics more actionable and thus drives more value. For example, a statistician might build a predictive model for churn. The model is then embedded in a system, and the model scores customers as they call in. Based on this score, information flows to a call center agent as part of a business processsay, to up- or cross-sell or take other measures to retain the customer. The agent doesnt need to know how the model works but can make important use of the output for business advantage. Operationalizing analytics also makes it more consumable.

6. Big data. Referring to ever-increasing amounts of disparate data at varying velocities, big data is the buzzword du jour. However, it is much more than that. An important point about big data is that it is driving the use of existing techniques as well as the development of new techniques for data analysis. Big data is also driving the use of newer infrastructure such as Hadoop and multi-platform data warehouse environments that manage, process, and analyze new forms of big data, non-structured data, and real-time data. Leveraging big data processing tools allows analysts to perform queries on larger data sets, providing more robust models and deeper reports.

7. New development methods. Unlike with BI reporting, analytics often demands that users explore the data and try different visualizations and analytical techniques before they can arrive at insights. Analytics often demands a different methodology from what has been used for traditional IT projects to develop applications. Instead of waterfall methods and cycles that only deliver at the end of (usually) one long cycle, many organizations are employing agile methods. These faster, incremental cycles have guided organizations toward greater business-IT collaboration, faster and more iterative development cycles, and ultimately higher quality and satisfaction.

8. Open source. Open source is rapidly becoming popular for infrastructure as well as analytics. Hadoop is a prime example of how these technologies are becoming important in analytics. On the analytics front, the emergence of the R language also indicates the growing popularity of open source. The open source Python programming language is also increasingly popular for analytics. Open source is important because it enables the rising innovation happening around the analytics ecosystem.

9. The cloud. Although it has taken longer than some expected for the cloud to be used in BI, it is now entering the mainstream. One reason organizations are trying to move toward the cloud is to offset costs with zero capital expenditure on infrastructure, maintenance, and even personnelto make BI more cost-effective. Additionally, deployment is faster. More often, companies are capturing big data in the cloud and experimenting with it there. Based on analysis, certain data is brought on premises to the data warehouse.

10. Mobile BI and analytics. The increasing adoption of mobile devices has opened up new platforms from which users can access data and both initiate and consume analytics. Executives on the go can apply analytics to gain deeper insight into business performance metrics, while frontline sales and service personnel can improve customer engagements by consuming data visualizations that integrate relevant data about warranty claims, customer preferences, and more.

11. Storytelling. As analytics and advanced analytics become more mainstream, being able to tell a data story with these technologies is becoming an important skill. A narrative that includes analysis can move beyond recounting facts to weave together pieces of analysis to make an impact and drive people to action. TDWI sees two different kinds of data stories emerging. The first is one-time storytelling with a classic beginning, middle, and end, and often ends with a call to action. Modern storytelling is dynamic and often changes through time. It might use online dashboards or storyboards that are updated when new data arrives. The analysis is typically shared with others who comment and build an iterative and often interactive story.

View the full list of revolutionary trends:

TDWI to host The Analytics Experience in Boston in July

TDWI is bringing together thought leaders, practitioners, and solution providers July 2631 in Boston to delve into the exploding world of data and the analytics that help companies turn that data into insight and impact. The event includes six action-packed days filled with classes, peer-to-peer sessions, case studies, hands-on training, and networking to offer an accelerated learning experience for business and technical leaders and implementers.

Register with code AA11 and take up to $ 855 off your registration. Must register by May 29.

To view the complete Boston program, visit


About TDWI

For 20 years, TDWI has provided individuals and teams with a comprehensive portfolio of business and technical education and research about all things data. The in-depth, best-practices-based knowledge TDWI offers can be quickly applied to develop world-class talent across your organizations business and IT functions to enhance analytical, data-driven decision making and performance. TDWI advances the art and science of realizing business value from data by providing an objective forum where industry experts, solution providers, and practitioners can explore and enhance data competencies, practices, and technologies. TDWI offers five major conferences as well as topical seminars, onsite education, membership, certification, live Webinars, resourceful publications, industry news, and in-depth research. See or follow us on Twitter @TDWI.

About 1105 Media

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Producing the Absolute Most of Appreciation Savings

We didn’t understand something about appreciation savings after I initially began searching for auto insurance. I had been conscious of a myriad of additional discounts, like multicar discounts, driver discounts that are safe, as well as cost savings for security functions. Nevertheless, savings that are appreciation could possibly offer much more savings along with others to anyone .

What’re Appreciation Savings?

Numerous work- savings that are associated are restricted to support vocations. For example, a discounted that’ll help you save cash on cheap auto insurance prices may be received by the next work:

These savings derive from affiliation. For example, you might be offered a discounted if by auto insurance businesses like If you should be an associate of the army, as-well its typical to get a discounted. they will surely accumulate, although the levels of the savings differ by insurance provider.

  • Cops
  • Firefighters
  • Lecturers primary, university and supplementary
  • Nurses
  • Pharmacists
  • Agency

If you should be associated with particular organizations along with work savings, perhaps you are entitled to an appreciation discounted. Present and previous pupils could see a decrease in rates on the basis of the college they joined for instance, previously or attend.

These are simply some of the professions that’ll obtain savings for cheap auto insurance.

The Great and Poor of Appreciation Savings

Those discounts’ drawback is on which type of plan you will get the fact that perhaps you are restricted. Additionally, in case connection or your work modifications, that financial savings will be lost by you.

Demonstrably the primary advantageous asset of getting an appreciation discounted is lowering your car insurance prices, that will be mainly why they would be mentioned by anybody within the first-place. In some instances, perhaps you are necessary to take a bundle that was reduced to obtain the price that was greater. You may even be restricted about the advantages as you might appreciate additional savings. For example, you may be necessary than what you will usually select to have a greater allowable.

Why Provide an Appreciation Discounted

The very first thing it may seem of when reading about that kind of discounted is excatly why auto insurance businesses might choose businesses or particular businesses over others. Do they get additional advantage or a charge regarding providing the discounted?

Obviously, you most likely realized that a few of the vocations described previously really need a great deal of operating. These include firefighters and cops. Savings may be received by these workers since they’re in something-focused profession or maybe since they’re viewed not as additional irresponsible.

The price decrease is usually because of a using the cheap auto insurance provider whenever businesses obtain savings. for suggesting the insurance provider to employees in substitution, a discounted is received by the people. This can be an excellent approach to marketing regarding insurance firms that may generate company that is new.

As it pertains to providing a work discounted, numerous companies take a look at which work are less inclined to trigger a state to document. For instance, you’d NOT be prepared to obtain a discounted if you should be a doorway-to- salesman that has to operate a vehicle numerous kilometers every single day. About the other-hand, there remains that a in one single place-all evening might be eligible for a discounted.

Army staff might obtain advantages that are various based on whether or not they are ladies and present or previous servicemen and what department they’re in. Moreover, they might get extra savings if they’re used and depart their automobiles secured in a safe area.

Typical Appreciation Discounted Companies

for being fully a participant numerous businesses provide a foundation discounted only. This price might increase in the event that you fulfill with additional requirements. Through the use of this discounted actually, you are able to conserve as much as 40-50 percentage in your auto insurance prices. Price-reduction may selection everywhere from significantly less than ten percent to a lot more. That’s one cause it’s very important to inquire about these savings to make sure you’re obtaining the auto insurance estimates that are cheapest.

Two are AAA. AAA is definitely a car membership while AARP is definitely a business for seniors that anybody may join. You can observe out of this instance exactly what a wide selection of teams or businesses might be incorporated.

How to Locate Appreciation Savings

Any moment you’re searching for cheap auto insurance, you wish to find the rates that are best accessible, and Ive discovered that which means benefiting from decreased prices and savings whenever we can. Being a AAA associate, I’ve preserved cash for years on my auto insurance -in law gets reduced auto insurance prices since hes a.

Whenever an application to get a complete, the info anyone supply might inform whether anyone be eligible for an appreciation discounted. Contact the broker or organization if it doesn’t and have if any appreciation savings can be found.

Certainly a couple are of methods you’ll find available about these savings. When the business offers any affiliation using auto insurance businesses you’ll find from your company. If that’s the case, this could be considered a great spot to start obtaining a car insurance that is reduce estimate.

Are you aware of every other businesses that take part in auto insurance savings? What’s the absolute most you’ve preserved?

Electronic Ink Welcomes Blair Lyon as Executive Vice President of Strategy & Marketing

Philadelphia, PA (PRWEB) May 07, 2015

Electronic Ink, an international design consultancy based in Philadelphia, is pleased to welcome Blair Lyon as executive vice president of strategy and marketing. Blair, the founder and former CEO of TMX, will provide thoughtful leadership and coordination of company strategy and marketing functions in his new role as EVP.

Blair brings a wealth of digital and technology marketing experience and leadership to Electronic Ink, says founder and CEO Harold Hambrose. We are pleased to have someone with Blairs expertise joining the team as we focus on enterprise-wide design solutions.

A world-class marketer, consultant and technology expert, Blair brings over 21 years of international and domestic experience building high-tech startups and delivering award-winning design solutions for the Fortune 1000.

I’m excited to be a part of this incredible team of researchers, designers and strategists, helping change business for the better,” Blair said about his decision to join Electronic Ink. “When you understand human behavior through the lens of design, true innovation is possible. Electronic Ink wrote the book on this approach and how to apply it within the enterprise.

Prior to joining Electronic Ink, Blair was the chief marketing officer at LeadiD, bringing trust and transparency to the online lead generation marketplace. Blair was also VP of Marketing at Monetate, where he helped the company become the leader in eCommerce personalization. As founder and CEO of TMX, Blair led the company to the IAC’s (Interactive Advertising Competition) Agency of the Year Award four years in a row, Forbes Best of the Web, and Ben Franklin’s Top Management Team.

About Electronic Ink

Electronic Ink is the worlds leading enterprise research and design consultancy for the Fortune 500. We work at the intersection of people, business and technology to transform organizations through better process and design. Clients around the globe use our design solutions to reinvigorate methods, increase sales and save money. We understand how people work.

For more information about the company, visit

Smaller classes will enhance education, say teachers

Smaller classes will enhance education, say teachers
Teachers prefers to have fewer or smaller classes to give enhanced education to their students. File picture shows students getting ready during their first day of school in Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan (SMK) St Gabriel, Kampung Pandan. — Picture by …
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Karl-Anthony Towns plans to earn Kentucky degree online while in NBA
He also spoke with reporters and revealed that while he is no longer enrolled in spring semester classes at Kentucky, he is determined to eventually earn his degree from the school. Towns said he has already enrolled in online classes for next fall and …
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Cutting the Cord: Good Housekeeping crafts a new video-centric online home
TV launches today online and on social sites such as Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest. The new video service is stocked with an extensive library of free two- to three-minute how-to videos as well as half-hour to 90-minute paid classes ($ 2.99 to $ 5.99).
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GCFLearnFree Joins Give Local America Campaign

Raleigh, NC (PRWEB) May 04, 2015

On May 5, 2015, GCFLearnFree an online-based educational organization joins other nonprofits and community foundations across the country for Give Local America, a 24-hour crowdfunding event that offers individuals a platform to invest in and celebrate the work of local nonprofit organizations nationwide.

Through the campaign, GCFLearnFree hopes to raise awareness of and funds for its online education program, which includes more than 125 tutorials in a range of technology and digital literacy subject areas and an accredited online class program that earns learners continuing education units (CEUs) and certificates of completion. For every $ 12 donated, the organization can offer a certificate to a learner; for every $ 1 donated, 8 learners around the world can have access to free online education.

In 2014, through a partnership with 7,700 local nonprofits, Give Local America raised more than $ 53 million for local communities. In 2015, the organization hopes to engage 15,000 nonprofit organizations and double its fundraising to reach $ 100 million in donations.

Any donation, no matter the size, makes a difference in our community, says Matt Robinson, director of distance learning for GCFLearnFree. Were excited to participate in Give Local America 2015 and support the people and organizations who work tirelessly and selflessly to keep our communities vital and strong.

For more information on supporting GCFLearnFree, [visit the website.



Since 1999, has created and provided quality, innovative learning opportunities to anyone who wants to improve the technology, literacy, and math skills needed to be successful in both work and life. By delivering more than 1,100 lessons to millions of people in more than 200 countries absolutely free, has become a worldwide leader in online education.

A program of the Goodwill Community Foundation

Colorado Springs area home and garden events starting April 18, 2015

Colorado Springs area home and garden events starting April 18, 2015
Gazette Premium Content Colorado Springs area home and garden events starting April 18, 2015 … Garden Symposium – Various classes, 9:30 a.m. April 25, 10 a.m. April 26, Summerland Gardens, 124 E. Cheyenne Road. Some classes have fees. Go online …
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Hilker: Why Grand Canyon University is thriving
This fall, said university expects more than 12,000 young scholars on campus and another 55,000 taking online courses. This school gets no state … Tuition averages $ 7,860 a year, comparable to state colleges in both Arizona and Colorado. And it has …
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Mile High Showdown: A week of direct action aimed at Wall Street banks

Mile High Showdown.

This week, join the Colorado Progressive Coalition in a series of actions aimed at Wall Street Banks. Protesters will be engaged in direct action including marches, delegations, and even a flashmob, specifically targeting Wells Fargo, who holds the largest market share of foreclosures in Colorado. Wells Fargo is also the largest and worst of the subprime predatory mortgage lenders.

Wall Street banks like Wells Fargo have hit people of color especially hard. According to the Denver Fact Sheet on, “During the housing boom, big banks and their mortgage lending operations were much more likely to put Black and Latino borrowers into higher-cost, subprime loans with a higher risk of default and foreclosure. A recent study finds that the bursting of the housing bubble and the ensuing economic crisis has led to a 66% loss of wealth for Latino households and a 53% loss for Black households, compared to a 16% loss for White households.” Black and Latinos were at least three times more likely than white borrowers to get subprime loans.

Today, protesters kicked off the week of action by visiting the Wells Fargo branch at 17th and Broadway downtown, where they delivered a list of demands. Those demands include asking that Wells Fargo pay its fair share in taxes, the federally mandated 35% tax rate and increase small business loans. Protesters also demand divestment from for-profit prison companies Geo, Inc. and Corrections Corporation of America. Geo is the operator of an immigration detention center in Aurora. Corrections Corporation of America has helped create anti-immigrant legislation in Arizona, according to a 2010 NPR report. You can read more about today’s action and see photos at the Denver Westword Blogs.

Below is a list of this weeks’ actions. You can also sign up at

Monday, Oct. 24th
• Demands Delivery: Come deliver a letter with our demands to a Wells Fargo branch with us and have it faxed to CEO Jeff Stumpf!
When: 11:30 am. Where: Colorado Progressive Coalition, 1029 Santa Fe Drive, Denver

• Outreach: Join our street teams to cover the entire city with our flyers and postcards!
When: 9 am and/or 5 pm Where: Colorado Progressive Coalition, 1029 Santa Fe Drive, Denver

Tuesday, Oct. 25th
• National Divestment Action: Close your account with Wells Fargo or any other big Wall Street bank! Download our divestment letter from and bring it along, demand it be faxed to the CEO.
When: 12pm A big delegation will go close their accounts together. You can also participate individually or in small groups on your own. If you close your account, send a picture or statement to
Where: Colorado Progressive Coalition, 1029 Santa Fe Drive, Denver. (staging area)

Wednesday, Oct. 26th
• Robin Hood flashmob action to deliver #occupytheboardroom messages to local 1%
When: 10 am
Where: Colorado Progressive Coalition, 1029 Santa Fe Drive, Denver (staging area)

Thursday, Oct. 27th
• Move in Day: Homeowners that Wells Fargo has kicked out of their homes will be moving into a Wells Fargo branch! Come and help us set up a “Fargoville” encampment with tents and furniture! Bring a lamp, a pillow, or other household item to carry with you as we march!
When: 12 pm
Where: Colorado Progressive Coalition, 1029 Santa Fe Drive, Denver (staging area)

Friday, Oct. 28th
• Student Rally and March to Wells Fargo to demand they divest from GEO, the private prison corporation
When: 4 pm
Where: In front of the Tivoli Student Union, Auraria Campus, 900 Auraria Parkway, Denver

Saturday, Oct. 29th
• Mass Mobilization with Occupy Denver
When: 12 pm
Where: Civic Center Park, 100 W 14th Ave Pkwy, Denver

5 years since pizza delivery drivers form a union

Recently facebooking, I saw that a few of my friends had posted an article on a group of pizza delivery drivers that had formed a union for the first time. I was so excited about the story that I didn’t notice the date of the article: 9/22/06

Well, its the 5th anniversary of the formation of the American Union of Pizza Delivery Drivers. The formation of a union of food service workers marked a big victory… not only for the workers, but for the labor movement. It’s difficult for fast food workers to organize due to high turnover rates, a workforce of young minimum wage earners, and ease of replacement of the workforce. All of these factors have made it easier for the fiercely anti-union bosses to fight any signs of unionization.

At the time the pizza delivery drivers were going into negotiations with their employer, Domino’s Pizza, Mark Damron, speaking on behalf of the IWW, spoke about the challenges of organizing in the food service industry. [Damron] “said that is changing because older workers are taking service industry jobs that were traditionally held by younger workers.” He went on to say, “As these people move into those jobs, they have higher expectations,” he said. “You are going to see more agitation and expectations among middle-aged men who have been downsized and are now working as baristas or short-order cooks.” ¹

Is this still true? Do older workers doing food service jobs have higher expectations? Unemployment has doubled since 2006, so those looking for work aren’t just those who lost their union jobs due to downsizing and shipping jobs overseas. We have seen some food service workers unionizing or attempting to unionize, with some victories here and there – i.e. Jimmy John’s and Starbucks workers organizing with IWW- but can we continue to grow the movement of food service workers?

1.”Pizza Delivery Drivers form First Union.” USA Today on the Web 9/22/2006. Accessed 9/23/06. <;.

Solidarity wins against Chase!

Jennifer Hickey reports on the outcome of a struggle by Seattle activists to force a branch of Chase bank to return money they owed a customer.

via Solidarity wins against Chase |

New Rule: Bosses Must Inform Workers of Right to Organize – Working In These Times

New Rule: Bosses Must Inform Workers of Right to Organize – Working In These Times. – Read the article!

Employers must now post notices informing workers of their right to organize, to form, and to join labor unions. This rule goes into effect November 14.

Thank you National Labor Relations Board! This is long overdue. I spoke with about 3 workers just over the past week that told me their bosses said they weren’t allowed form a union.

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Facebook Page for Colorado Solidarity Network