Best friends make all-tourney teams in college volleyball

Best friends make all-tourney teams in college volleyball
Sarah Daschbach and Ali Spindt have a lot in common. Both played high school volleyball in Atherton, Daschbach at Sacred Heart Prep and Spindt at Menlo-Atherton. Both were the Most Valuable Players in their respective teams. And, both are continuing to …
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Wells Fargo Insurance Names Kyle Samuel Managing Director for Metro
Samuel has a bachelor's of science degree in Economics from The Colorado College and is a Certified Insurance Counselor (CIC). The Wells Fargo Insurance Metro Washington D.C. and Virginia region includes three offices and 100 team members who …
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Greg Winger: School embodies true spirit of Lyons
This year, however, the St. Vrain Valley School District and Lyons High School have enhanced the post-secondary educational opportunities for students to register in online classes at Colorado State University. This online partnership will provide …
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Community gets creative in support of families after deaths of Monument teens
Connor Sperry, who wrestled with Begier and played soccer with Pappas, saw the opportunity to use the hashtag to bring comfort to the high school's senior class. He did not foresee, he said, that the bumper sticker would end up on hundreds of vehicles …
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Unique Venues Launches First Android and iOS Application, Giving Planners Easy Access to Exclusive Magazine Editions

Edwards, Colorado (PRWEB) June 04, 2014

Planners looking to catch up on exclusive editions of Unique Venues Magazine can now download a free application for all Android and iOS smart devices that provides quick downloads and offline reading options for convenient access on the go.

Since January 2013, Unique Venues – a marketing and membership organization that connects one-of-a-kind event locations with meeting planners – has published a series of quarterly magazines that provide meeting and event planners in all sectors with tactical information about working with non-traditional event spaces like colleges and universities, historical venues, conference centers and more. Past issues have covered hosting events at ballparks and stadiums, the advancements in technological services on campuses and signature drinks and recipes that give ideas for menus.

“Our goal is always to give planners the most up-to-date, comprehensive information about working with unique spaces to show that they are accessible, affordable and memorable, and with this new application, everyone can tap into each issue on their own schedule,” says Unique Venues Marketing Manager Mandy Volpe.

The app is available for free in the Apple, Amazon and Google Play stores. Magazine issues starting with the Winter 2014 edition are available for online streaming and download for offline reading purposes. Each page features crisp details and full-color pictures with minimal zooming required. As well, each page is easily navigated and swiped through for uninterrupted reading. Users will also benefit from automatic notifications when a new edition is released and available.

“I love this new app,” says Mary Alexander, independent meeting planner for MAX Consultants in Boston. “The articles are interesting and this is really the only magazine I know of where I can learn more about these kinds of venues. Everything else I receive focuses on hotels. I will for sure be downloading future issues for my iPad.”

For readers looking for more information on specific event spaces, the website features a comprehensive database of all member listings including contact information, photo and video galleries, menus, meeting room capacities, a FREE RFP service, and more.

About Unique Venues

Unique Venues has been the go-to source for non-conventional meeting and event venues, and the planners looking for them, for the past 27 years. Venues include colleges and universities, historical or cultural venues, arenas and stadiums, camps and retreat centers, conference and business centers, and other special event venues.

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7,941 Books and Counting A Modern Day Literacy Miracle Is Born in West Denver

Denver, CO (PRWEB) June 04, 2014

During a College & Career Intensive Course at West Generation Academy, an Innovation School in Denver Public Schools in Colorado, teacher, Mike Wilbourn, drills this statement into his students every day If you can do these four things, you can get a good paying job in todays economy. The things are reading, writing, presenting, and listening. Recent data from West Generation confirms these students, coming from one of Denvers most socioeconomically challenged communities, are well on their way to achieving this goal.

Something amazing has happened in the two short years since West Generation Academy opened as a turnaround replacement school for West High School. After a unanimous vote by the Denver Public Schools (DPS) Board of Education in 2011, the school opened in Fall 2012 with 350 students in grades 6, 8, and 9.

The school staff was saddened when they received the fall benchmark testing results shortly after opening. The data indicated that 80% of the student body was 5 or more years behind in reading. That meant the odds were definitely stacked against a student body made up of 60% English Language Learners, 99% minorities and 100% free and reduced lunch qualified students.

Sobered, but undaunted, the school partnered with The Carmel Hill Fund to train teachers, acquire high interest literature and implement technology banks and skillware to measure student comprehension. In addition to the skillware provided by Carmel Hill, teachers also integrated Reading Plus and Newsela. After two years of hard work, West Generation Academy supported by Generation Schools Network and Carmel Hill have built a culture of literacy.

Dr. Robert E. Slavin, Johns Hopkins professor and Director of Center for Research and Reform in Education, has authored a number of studies on the most effective programs and techniques for developing and sustaining literacy among students of various age groups and skill levels. His findings repeatedly point to several elements that are most critical to success, particularly among students who struggle with reading: extensive high-level professional development for teachers, cooperative instruction and learning practices, transforming schedules and teacher practices to be responsive to the needs of students, and longer class periods with varied or rotational teaching modalities. 1 Linda Diamond of the Consortium on Reading Excellence (CORE) highlights many of these, and adds the need for responsive technology that supplements teacher instruction and provides structured feedback for student and teacher. The CORE report also underscores the importance of strong support from school leadership in order for a program to be effective. 2 The approach to literacy at West Generation Academy integrates all of these vital elements, with remarkable results.

Its been amazing for me to see the impact of our work. We have gone from not being able to get students to read to having to ask our students to take a reading break so we can focus on other types of coursework. I am so incredibly proud of them, stated Amanda Novak, 9th grade Humanities teacher.

According to Jon Reinhard, V.P. of Learning & Teaching for Generation Schools Network, We are privileged to have played a significant role in this transformation of a DPS school and to have opened up the world to so many students. Reading gives our students access to the world and is something that can never be taken away from them no matter what their circumstance.

Kelly Austin, Implementation Specialist at Carmel Hill who supports the Accelerated Reader program across multiple schools stated, West Generation students are showing some of the highest comprehension rates among other middle and high schools in their cohort. Accelerated Reading tests show that on average, West Generation students are comprehending at an 83% level. Given how far behind these students started, the growth is amazing. There are several critical contributors to this progress, says Wendy Loloff Piersee, CEO of Generation Schools Network, With Generation Schools Network, structures have been adjusted to make daily reading time with the right supports possible, teachers have time to look at data daily and weekly, teachers read alongside their students and students who are behind in reading are receiving daily skillware support during afternoon Studio Courses to catch up to grade level. Its a winning combination.

Vice President of the Morgridge Family Foundation, Carrie Morgridge, stands firm in her support of the literacy program at West Generation Academy. The field knows a lot about building literacy programs for Pre-K and elementary school students. However, there is not much research available on how to foster a culture of literacy for middle school and high schools students. We cannot give up on these students. West Generation Academy is proving that this is indeed possible with passionate and well-trained teachers, engaging and leveled books, and tools available to assess progress, monitor comprehension, and provide remediation as needed to catch students up.

It is with tremendous excitement and promise that students at West Generation have almost reached their goal of reading 8,000 books this school year. Thats an average of more than 17 books per student. As of May 28, the total number of books read was 7,941. This is 8 times the number of books read in all of last year. To quote an author who defined making reading fun, The more you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go. – Dr. Seuss, “I Can Read With My Eyes Shut!”

To learn more about this modern day literacy miracle, please contact:

Jon Reinhard

VP Learning & Teaching

Generation Schools Network




4 key strategies enabled a culture transformation in two short years:

A new school schedule with more time dedicated to reading, writing, listening and speaking. To launch West Generation, Denver Public Schools partnered with Generation Schools Network, a national nonprofit that helps schools and districts restructure the school year and day to provide up to 30% more learning time cost-effectively and provide programming and supports that prepare students for success not only in school, but also in work, and in life. Students at West Generation Academy have daily Humanities Courses a 90 minute block structured around a blended rotational model where they spend 30 minutes in small group reading instruction, 30 minutes working independently or collaboratively and 30 minutes in uninterrupted reading.

The right tools and partners. West Generation Academy has partnered with Carmel Hill and has received training, technology, and thousands of books – highly relevant, engaging and available across all reading levels. We are racing to keep up with the demand at West Generation this is great. Teachers at West Generation really care about reading, they care about books, and they care about literature. They make reading a priority. They are the heroes in this story, remarked Kelly Austin. Teachers are provided monthly professional development on the Accelerated Reader program provided by Carmel Hill to develop rituals and routines, get students excited about reading, and recommend the right books. Carmel Hill ensures that students at and below grade level have access to high interest, differentiated texts at their level every day to support reading comprehension. Some of this years favorite books have been Yummy: The Last Days of a Southside Shorty, Leaving Paradise, Mockingjay, and Lockdown: Escape from Furnace.

There has been a laser focus over the last two years to bring students up to grade level in reading, said Principal Domonic Martinez. Engaging material has been central to the c Announces Top Online Program Rankings

Englewood, NJ (PRWEB) June 05, 2014

Online graduate programs continue to appeal to students of all ages and backgrounds. Theyre rigorous and competitive, but flexible and often more tailored to each student.

To that end, Graduate Programs is very excited to announce our Top 50 Online Program Rankings. These rankings were compiled with votes from more than 60,000 students.

Please see the top online programs below. For the complete list, please go here: (

Overall top online graduate programs:


Yellowfin launches Yellowfin 7.1 analytics platform: Makes world-class Location Intelligence easy

(PRWEB) September 05, 2014

Global Business Intelligence (BI) and analytics software vendor, Yellowfin, has launched the latest version of its BI platform, Yellowfin 7.1. Enhancements in Yellowfin 7.1 concentrated on extending three core technical areas, by boosting Location Intelligence capabilities, improving CSV support and increasing the number of visualizations supported by Yellowfins Auto Chart functionality.

For a detailed overview of all enhancements and improvements contained in Yellowfin 7.1, download the official Release Notes here:

New mapping capabilities: World-class Location Intelligence has never been simpler

Yellowfin CEO, Glen Rabie, said that the most important innovations delivered in Yellowfin 7.1 were the unique enhancements made to Yellowfins mapping capabilities, which would make world-class Location Intelligence accessible to users of all types and organizations of all sizes.

The ability to analyze organizational data from a geographical standpoint is critical, across all industries, because research indicates that 80 percent of business data is location-relevant, said Rabie. Despite this, the vast majority of organizations have struggled to source, collate and analyze the necessary location-based data to underpin location analytics. Yellowfin 7.1 changes that, delivering the Location Intelligence features required to quickly create beautiful enterprise mapping and a brilliant analytical experience.

Yellowfin 7.1 introduces a native Base Layer for the world, geocoding functionality, demographic data support and auto-generated map-based visualizations. These improvements empower Yellowfin clients to easily combine existing business data with rich location-based third-party information.

Native Base Layer

Yellowfins native Base Layer allows users to immediately create multilayered maps without needing to source WMS layers. Instead of pulling a map layer from a third-party source such as Google Maps, Yellowfin will use shape files to create an image (native Base Layer). As a result, users can export multilayered maps, complete with Base Layer, straight to PDF to collaborate and share with colleagues. Removing the need to connect to third-party providers to source map layers will also enable map-based analysis to be conducted offline or within an intranet environment.

Additionally, Yellowfins native Base Layer enables faster content creation allowing users to add multiple layers to maps and switch between different map types (Heat, GIS or Bubble) without having to write multiple reports.

Yellowfin GeoPacks: Providing geographical and demographic data

Yellowfins GeoPacks will provide geographical and location-relevant demographic data, enabling users to combine that information with existing business data to create insightful location-based reports.

Yellowfin 7.1 will ship with GIS records and geometry points, enabling users to geocode address data to zip code level on-the-fly and render that information on maps with ease to quickly produce stunning visualizations and actionable insight, said Rabie. Yellowfin 7.1 will automatically assign zip codes, latitude and longitude coordinates as well as polygons where available to address-level data, removing the need to source separate GIS records and geometry points.

Yellowfin 7.1 will also ship with demographic data for key regions including population, average household income, median age, employment information and more. These datasets will assist users to quickly detect correlations between existing business and spatially relevant third-party data.

Yellowfins GeoPacks will provide the context our clients need to develop a unified view of their business, said Rabie. Not only will they be able to understand the interrelationships between customers, products, infrastructure and suppliers, theyll also be able to ask more complex questions, such as How do my sales per region compare when factoring in population density?

Yellowfin users will be able to download GeoPacks for free from Yellowfins website via its all-new online portal, Marketplace. Marketplace contains a range of free Yellowfin-related content, including Storyboard Themes, Analytic Functions, Formatters, and Style Sheets. At launch, the Yellowfin Marketplace will contain GeoPacks for Australia and the USA, extending to include more countries over time.

Auto Charts for maps

Yellowfins Auto Chart feature functionality which automatically visualizes best practice chart types based on a users selected attributes will now identify geometry data and instantly create maps based on chosen fields.

Improved CSV support

The entire process for loading CSV files into Yellowfin has been streamlined and improved from the creation of a target database to data preview.

Seventy percent of 1,100 executives interviewed in a recent global survey by Accenture said that they still used spreadsheets to track and manage financial reporting on a daily basis, said Rabie. This continued pervasiveness of spreadsheets, even in enterprise reporting environments, means that we need to make it as effortless as possible to integrate spreadsheet data into Yellowfin reports. Yellowfin 7.1 has simplified that process significantly.

The new import user interface allows users to simply select a CSV file, drag it onto a canvas, instantly visualize all fields in the spreadsheet, and then load it straight into Yellowfin for reporting.

A revamped CSV import process also reduces upload errors. The load and append processes have been rewritten to minimize errors, and assist users if inaccuracies do arise, minimizing frustration and creating a better user experience. Calculations, column formatting and date parsing also make CSV data more flexible to use. Previously, there were few options to define preferred formats or calculations when loading a spreadsheet into Yellowfin.

The new data preview process in Yellowfin 7.1 makes it quick and easy to understand CSV-based datasets and manipulate them appropriately. Users can easily see all columns contained within a spreadsheet, add Calculated Fields, formula templates, format columns, and create Derived Fields or drill hierarchies on-the-fly. Fields can be added or formatted with ease, from building custom formulas, to date, text or geography conversion in a single step. Users can also utilize date parsing to convert either text-based dates or timestamps into Yellowfin readable Date Fields.

New visualizations

Increasing the breadth of visualizations supported by Yellowfins Auto Chart feature offers further assistance to non-technical business-users, to enable self-service content creation and independent Data Discovery.

New charting functionality in Yellowfin 7.1 supports better, faster and deeper visual analysis with a broader range of Auto Charts, said Rabie.

Yellowfin 7.1 extends the Auto Chart functionality launched in Yellowfin 7, with 16 new chart types now supported by Yellowfins Auto Chart feature including combination charts as well as maps. Auto Chart now supports over 50 best practice chart types and combinations.

The end result is that, providing you have selected a metric, any combination of attributes dragged into Yellowfins Chart Builder will now create an Auto Chart, said Rabie. With Yellowfin 7.1, you dont have to be a data analyst or a BI expert to generate great visualizations and perform meaningful analysis.

For a comprehensive list of all data visualization improvements in Yellowfin 7.1, and all enhancements in general, simply download a copy of the official Yellowfin 7.1 Release Notes:



Celebrating the Nations Best Geography Educators

Washington, DC (PRWEB) June 05, 2014

For 99 years the National Council for Geographic Education (NCGE) has worked to enhance the status and quality of geography teaching and learning at all levels of instruction. Through its awards program, the NCGE recognizes excellence in geography teaching, mentoring, research, instructional design and service.

The National Council for Geographic Education is pleased to announce the following 2014 Award Winners:


This award for lifetime service to geography education goes to:

-DR. ROBERT S. BEDNARZ Texas A&M University, College Station, TX


This award for mentoring future geographers and geography educators goes to:

-DR. ROBERT S. BEDNARZ Texas A&M University, College Station, TX

-DR. MICHAEL D. SUBLETT Illinois State University, Normal, IL

-DR. MARTHA WORKS Portland State University, Portland, OR


This award for outstanding contributions to geographic education outside the formal classroom goes to:

-DAVID BANIS Center for Spatial Analysis & Research, Portland State University, Portland, OR

-GLENDA FAUSKE – North Dakota Forest Service, Bottineau, ND

-JUNE DAVIDSON HOLLIS Mississippi Geographic Alliance, Brandon, MS

-HARRIS PAYNE Nebraska Department of Education, Lincoln, NE

-BOBBIE RICHARDSON Mississippi Geographic Alliance, Tupelo, MS

-KAREN STOCKTON WALLACE Mississippi Geographic Alliance, Meridian, MS


This award to a female graduate or undergraduate student who has made significant contributions to geographic education goes to:

-LARIANNE COLLINS University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC


This award to encourage dissertation research in geography teaching and learning goes to:

-DR. JUNG EUN HONG University of West Georgia, Carrollton, GA

“Web-Based GIS for Middle School Teachers: Using Online Mapping Applications to Promote Teacher Adoption”

-1st Runner Up: DR. KANIKA VERMA Texas State University, San Marcos, TX

“Geospatial Thinking of Undergraduate Students in Public Universities in the United States”


This award for excellence in teaching and leadership at the post-secondary level goes to:

-DR. THOMAS E. CHAPMAN Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA

-DR. RONALD V. KALAFSKY University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN

-DR. JENNIFER L. RAHN Samford University, Birmingham, AL

-DR. JACQUELINE M. VADJUNEC Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK


This award for excellence in teaching and leadership at the K-12 level goes to:

-KAREN ADAMS Madras Primary, Madras, OR

-ALLISON L. ANTHONY Hermitage High School, Henrico, VA

-HEATHER J. BRAUCHER Will Rogers Junior High, Claremore, OK

-JANE MCGRIGOR FORDE Broughton High School, Raleigh, NC

-MELISSA KANDIDO Beveridge Magnet School, Omaha, NE

-DEBORAH R. KIDD Beaufort High School, Beaufort, SC

-PAMALA LAFOUNTAIN Newport Middle and High School, Newport, NH

-KRISTI D. NEUROTH Ravenwood High School, Brentwood TN

-TERESA POTTER Fisher Elementary School, Oklahoma City, OK

-MICHAEL ROBINSON – Houston High School, Germantown, TN

-RAGENE E. SOVAK Jim Hill Middle School, Minot, SD

-DEBRA CORAM TROXELL West Forsyth High School, Clemmons, NC

-NANCY H. WATSON Lawton Chiles High School, Tallahassee, FL

E. WILLARD AND RUBY S. MILLER GRANTS FOR RESEARCH IN GEOGRAPHIC EDUCATION: This award provides financial assistance to advance the frontiers of geographic education by supporting and promoting innovative research in theory, practice, and application.

-DR. THOMAS J. PINGEL Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, IL

Anchor-Point Theory as the Basis for Global Scale Cognitive Map Development via Web Maps

-LISA K. TABOR Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS

Educating for the Future: Workshops for Pre-Service Teachers in Using GIS in the Classroom


Awards are given to papers in three categories:


“Integrating GIS in the Middle School Curriculum: Impacts on Diverse Students’ Standardized Test”

-DONNA GOLDSTEIN Palm Beach County School District, Palm Beach, FL

-DR. MARSHA ALIBRANDI Fairfield University, Fairfield, CT


“Collaborative Learning and Global Education: Human-Environment Interactions

in the Galapagos Islands”

-DR. LAURA BREWINGTON Center for Galapagos Studies, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC

-KIM ENGIE University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC

-DR. STEPHEN J. WALSH University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC

-DR. CARLOS MENA Universidad San Francisco de Quito, Quito, Ecuador


“An Assessment Instrument to Measure Geospatial Thinking Expertise”

-DR. NIEM TU HUYNH Association of American Geographers, Washington, DC

-DR. BOB SHARPE – Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada


Best Content Article: The Trains Don’t Stop Here Anymore: Argentina’s Ghost Towns

-LILIANA B. MONK Walter Johnson High School, Bethesda, MD


This cash prize goes to the best lesson plan author(s):

-JEANNINE KUROPATKIN AND ALLISON MCINTOSH-Rhodes Junior High School, Mesa, AZ and Arizona Geographic Alliance


Science of Tree Rings

-DR. HENRI D. GROSSINO-MAYER – University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN


The following students were chosen by university faculty as the best all-around undergraduate student geography scholars:

-Brandon University Megan Gray

-Buffalo State College William V. Matalonis

-Central Connecticut State University Kayla Verderame

-Dartmouth College Celeste M. Winston

-Humboldt State University Sara Matthews

-Kansas State University Caleb Sean Wilson

-Macalester College Zachary Avre

-Marshall University Aaron Nelson

-Northern Illinois University Joseph Tackes

-Salisbury University – Christopher James Elcik

-South Dakota State University Cole Krehbiel

-SUNY Oneonta Lauren Zimmardi

-University of Chicago Nicholas Moses Shatan

-University of Georgia Alexandra Lawrie Horst

-University of Mary Washington Hallie E. Gibson

-University of Northern Colorado Jeffrey Dessert

-University of Northern Iowa Rebecca Gronewold

-University of Washington Breanna Hudson

-University of Western Ontario Elizabeth Wrona

-Utah State University Jordan Lofthouse

-Western Michigan University Laura Burden

Award recipients will be honored during a ceremony held at the 2014 National Conference on Geography Education presented by the National Council for Geographic Education. The 2014 National Conference on Geography Education will be held July 31 August 3 at the Peabody Hotel in Memphis, TN.

For more information about the NCGE award program and application proc

Colorado Culinary Academy Endorsed for Quality Education by the American Culinary Federation Education Foundation

Greenwood Village, Colorado (PRWEB) June 20, 2014

The ACFEF Quality Program status is a recognition earned by non-degree granting culinary programs that offer training and education (as opposed to qualification requirements for ACFEF accreditation). Programs that qualify include 1) Specialized or single subject programs, 2) Formalized demonstration classes, 3) Online educational programs, or 4) International non-degree culinary programs that market to American students.

The ACFEF performed a full evaluation and inspection of Colorado Culinary Academy, and determined that they meet or exceed all the criteria for this prestigious endorsement. The ACFEF recognition is for three years at which time another evaluation will be conducted.

The Colorado Culinary Academy program is of great value to those looking for a degree alternative, said Thomas Macrina, CEC

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Idaho School District Levy Fails, So Kids Will Take PE Classes Online
Clipart: When even modest drawing tasks are well beyond your skill level Here's what you get when school funding meets the No Taxes Ever crowd: In the microscopic school district for the town of Lapwai, Idaho (population 1137), the voters turned down a …
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Portland schools to offer online classes in fall
Catlett said her daughter is thriving, especially with her online classes. "There's so many options that these kids have that we didn't have 20 years ago, so I see for her, my daughter's going into eighth grade, but she's already taking high school …
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Discount John Legend Tickets Jam on

Denver, Colorado (PRWEB) June 21, 2014

He has nine Grammys already. But there will be no break for this smooth, sophisticated and soulful R&B legend this summer. In fact, the 35-year-old singer, songwriter, pianist and keyboard artist is so popular, many of his upcoming dates are already listed as officially sold out.

Known for his compelling command of R&B, gospel, pop, hip-hop, soul and neo soul musical influences, the singer performed last night at the Mystic Lake Casino in Prior Lake, Minnesota and plays the Jazz Winnipeg Festival in Winnipeg tonight.

After performing at the Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium in Calgary next Tuesday June 24, and Francis Winspear Centre in Edmonton on Wednesday June 25, Legend performs in Bellingham and Woodinville, Washington on June 27 and June 28, 2014.

Discount John Legend tickets were recently released for his more than 30-city tour and sales are already trending at the top of national discount concert ticket sales queues, said Marta Ault at online discount ticket marketplace

Thats why were proud to offer fans the most complete and continually refreshed selection of discount concert tickets available online, with a worry-free guarantee to protect their purchase, added Ault.

To access the complete inventory of cheap John Legend tickets we have available as well as the entire inventory of seating options available fans can go to and search for John Legend then select their tickets.

From an early age, John Roger Stephens was a child prodigy. He began singing gospel and playing piano at the age of five. As one of four children, and the son of two working class parents, he defied early hardship and earned admission into college in Philadelphia at the ripe age of 16.

While working towards his degree, Legend was quietly amassing an audience playing small venues in and around Philadelphia before the age of 20. Not yet out of his teens, Legend was commissioned to play piano on Fugees member Lauryn Hill’s “Everything Is Everything,” a Top 40 hit for her 1998 album, The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. Next came more gigs playing and writing for a wide array of artists, including Alicia Keys, Twista, Janet Jackson, and Kanye West.

Legend broke out on his own, riding on the back of his enduring single “Ordinary People, which earned him a Grammy for Best Male R&B Vocal Performance. The track comes off 2004s Get Lifted, Legend’s first studio album, and reached into the Top Five of the Billboard 200 that year. The album also garnered him awards for Best R&B Album, Best R&B Male Vocal Performance, and Best New Artist.

His next effort, Once Again, followed in October 2006. It peaked at Number Three on the Billboard 200 and hit Number One on the R&B/Hip-Hop Album Chart, and eventually went Platinum. In total, Legend has won nine Grammy Awards and in 2007, he received the special Starlight Award from the Songwriters Hall of Fame.

To shop for discount John Legend tickets, visit To save to even more, enter coupon code “BAS2014″ during checkout.

About An online discount ticket marketplace, connects sports, theater and other live entertainment fans to an extensive worldwide network of ticket sellers. The sites simplified listings and navigational tools enable fans to easily locate, compare and purchase inexpensive, discounted or lower-priced tickets to virtually all advertised sports and entertainment events around the globe.

The online marketplace, which is PCI-compliant and Norton Secured, also provides customers with a complete Worry-Free Guarantee on all ticket purchases. Based in Denver, Colorado, is a subsidiary of Denver Media Holdings. For more information, please visit

Mile High Showdown: A week of direct action aimed at Wall Street banks

Mile High Showdown.

This week, join the Colorado Progressive Coalition in a series of actions aimed at Wall Street Banks. Protesters will be engaged in direct action including marches, delegations, and even a flashmob, specifically targeting Wells Fargo, who holds the largest market share of foreclosures in Colorado. Wells Fargo is also the largest and worst of the subprime predatory mortgage lenders.

Wall Street banks like Wells Fargo have hit people of color especially hard. According to the Denver Fact Sheet on, “During the housing boom, big banks and their mortgage lending operations were much more likely to put Black and Latino borrowers into higher-cost, subprime loans with a higher risk of default and foreclosure. A recent study finds that the bursting of the housing bubble and the ensuing economic crisis has led to a 66% loss of wealth for Latino households and a 53% loss for Black households, compared to a 16% loss for White households.” Black and Latinos were at least three times more likely than white borrowers to get subprime loans.

Today, protesters kicked off the week of action by visiting the Wells Fargo branch at 17th and Broadway downtown, where they delivered a list of demands. Those demands include asking that Wells Fargo pay its fair share in taxes, the federally mandated 35% tax rate and increase small business loans. Protesters also demand divestment from for-profit prison companies Geo, Inc. and Corrections Corporation of America. Geo is the operator of an immigration detention center in Aurora. Corrections Corporation of America has helped create anti-immigrant legislation in Arizona, according to a 2010 NPR report. You can read more about today’s action and see photos at the Denver Westword Blogs.

Below is a list of this weeks’ actions. You can also sign up at

Monday, Oct. 24th
• Demands Delivery: Come deliver a letter with our demands to a Wells Fargo branch with us and have it faxed to CEO Jeff Stumpf!
When: 11:30 am. Where: Colorado Progressive Coalition, 1029 Santa Fe Drive, Denver

• Outreach: Join our street teams to cover the entire city with our flyers and postcards!
When: 9 am and/or 5 pm Where: Colorado Progressive Coalition, 1029 Santa Fe Drive, Denver

Tuesday, Oct. 25th
• National Divestment Action: Close your account with Wells Fargo or any other big Wall Street bank! Download our divestment letter from and bring it along, demand it be faxed to the CEO.
When: 12pm A big delegation will go close their accounts together. You can also participate individually or in small groups on your own. If you close your account, send a picture or statement to
Where: Colorado Progressive Coalition, 1029 Santa Fe Drive, Denver. (staging area)

Wednesday, Oct. 26th
• Robin Hood flashmob action to deliver #occupytheboardroom messages to local 1%
When: 10 am
Where: Colorado Progressive Coalition, 1029 Santa Fe Drive, Denver (staging area)

Thursday, Oct. 27th
• Move in Day: Homeowners that Wells Fargo has kicked out of their homes will be moving into a Wells Fargo branch! Come and help us set up a “Fargoville” encampment with tents and furniture! Bring a lamp, a pillow, or other household item to carry with you as we march!
When: 12 pm
Where: Colorado Progressive Coalition, 1029 Santa Fe Drive, Denver (staging area)

Friday, Oct. 28th
• Student Rally and March to Wells Fargo to demand they divest from GEO, the private prison corporation
When: 4 pm
Where: In front of the Tivoli Student Union, Auraria Campus, 900 Auraria Parkway, Denver

Saturday, Oct. 29th
• Mass Mobilization with Occupy Denver
When: 12 pm
Where: Civic Center Park, 100 W 14th Ave Pkwy, Denver

5 years since pizza delivery drivers form a union

Recently facebooking, I saw that a few of my friends had posted an article on a group of pizza delivery drivers that had formed a union for the first time. I was so excited about the story that I didn’t notice the date of the article: 9/22/06

Well, its the 5th anniversary of the formation of the American Union of Pizza Delivery Drivers. The formation of a union of food service workers marked a big victory… not only for the workers, but for the labor movement. It’s difficult for fast food workers to organize due to high turnover rates, a workforce of young minimum wage earners, and ease of replacement of the workforce. All of these factors have made it easier for the fiercely anti-union bosses to fight any signs of unionization.

At the time the pizza delivery drivers were going into negotiations with their employer, Domino’s Pizza, Mark Damron, speaking on behalf of the IWW, spoke about the challenges of organizing in the food service industry. [Damron] “said that is changing because older workers are taking service industry jobs that were traditionally held by younger workers.” He went on to say, “As these people move into those jobs, they have higher expectations,” he said. “You are going to see more agitation and expectations among middle-aged men who have been downsized and are now working as baristas or short-order cooks.” ¹

Is this still true? Do older workers doing food service jobs have higher expectations? Unemployment has doubled since 2006, so those looking for work aren’t just those who lost their union jobs due to downsizing and shipping jobs overseas. We have seen some food service workers unionizing or attempting to unionize, with some victories here and there – i.e. Jimmy John’s and Starbucks workers organizing with IWW- but can we continue to grow the movement of food service workers?

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Solidarity wins against Chase!

Jennifer Hickey reports on the outcome of a struggle by Seattle activists to force a branch of Chase bank to return money they owed a customer.

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New Rule: Bosses Must Inform Workers of Right to Organize – Working In These Times

New Rule: Bosses Must Inform Workers of Right to Organize – Working In These Times. – Read the article!

Employers must now post notices informing workers of their right to organize, to form, and to join labor unions. This rule goes into effect November 14.

Thank you National Labor Relations Board! This is long overdue. I spoke with about 3 workers just over the past week that told me their bosses said they weren’t allowed form a union.

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